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teacake wrote: View Post
MENSA begged me to join them, begged me! I told them clubs weren't my thing, I'm an introvert, but they assured me their club was full of special smart introverts . . .
Isn't a club for introverts a bit of an oxymoron? It's like the joke about the support group for agoraphobics. They had to disband because no one was showing up for meetings!

Ryan8bit wrote: View Post
A lot of IQ tests just strike me that way. Someone takes an online test and says, "Oh, 150, I must be pretty smart." They flaunt this number in people's faces when they've got nothing else to show for it like a reasonable degree, a job actually associated with intelligence, or maybe even accomplishments or rewards that would seem to back that up. And even if they might have some of those things, they might be totally socially inept Sheldon Cooper types. To think that a simple number is some sort of measure of a person's worth is silly. There's so much more to it than that.
It's like they say: "That and a dollar gets you a ride on the bus."
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