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Re: And now The Newsroom....

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Yes, Will singing "Friday" had me in stitches too. Much better than showing how completely klutzey some of the characters can be. One of my few problems with the show is how unbelievably inept they can be at their jobs because they're too busy talking in a way no human being would ever talk. :P

That's Sorkin for you.

I liked the episode, I'm guessing the narrative is going to all be in flashback this season? With Will and Mac recounting their experiences the past year to the panel? I think starting in mid-2011 was a mistake that's just "too long ago" to focus, they really should have started with the 2012 election cycle once things got started (not necessarily between Mitt and Obama but during the Republican fiasco.) But I guess they had to address the "American Taliban" comment from Will.

Speaking of couples that need to get over and just hook-up already that's the mindset I'm in with Will and Mac. Jim and Maggie I can deal with but Will and Mac are older adults and obviously want to be together. So just do it you two!

Love Oliva Munn in the series as well, she's really showing some good chops (among other things) in this series.

The new theme/opening I can go either way on. I think I prefer the old theme but I dunno. The visuals for last season where too sit-commy with the clips from past/upcoming episodes.

Should be an interesting season, though, once it really gets rolling.
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