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Re: 40 and Over Club Meeting

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Most blacks on TV when I was a kid were in subservient roles, like as a maid or such. Shows like Julia (she was a nurse) were a breath of fresh air.
How about I Spy? It debuted in 1965 (three years before Julia) and co-starred Bill Cosby as the partner, friend and social equal of Robert Culp's character. And he was a spy! That was cool.

Cartoons showed lots of stereotypes - women, blacks, Mexicans, etc.
You mean like this little dude?

Hey, Speedy Gonzales was funny!

Aside from popular media, does anyone remember chocolate and bubble gum "cigarettes"? In my day, they were just part of innocent kids playing at being grownups. Try peddling candy cigs to kids today and there'll be demands for your head on a stick.
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