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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

I wasn't crazy about Cain's costume, but it did look like his mom made it. To me, Cain always looked more like Captain Marvel than Superman. But in that show, the focus was as the title said: Lois & Clark. His Clark Kent was good. Confident, capable. Like George Reeves, but younger and more fit.

Christopher Reeve's look embodied the vision of Superman I always had in my head. His Clark seemed a little too bumbling to me, but in those scenes where he took off the glasses and changed his posture from Clark to Superman it was impressive.

Brandon Routh's Clark was an almost perfect duplication of Reeve's Clark. I think he looked a little too young to be the same person, but you have to use your imagination. The suit bothers me a lot. I think in trying to update it they went too far.

So I fixed it.

I brightened the colors, loosened the neckline, and changed the "S" to what we were used to seeing. Oh, and I moved the part in his hair to his left side, to be more like Reeve's Superman.
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