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Re: 40 and Over Club Meeting

I also read the Bobbsey Twins when I was young but I had totally forgotten that Sam and Dinah were in them. I am tempted to buy a new version of the Bobbsey Twins to see what changes have been made. There are a couple of free Bobbsey Twins e-books on Amazon but there seem to be older versions that are now in the public domain.

I was thinking about Little Black Sambo in bed last night and I realised it was probably read to me and it scared me because of the tigers melting into butter. I most likely refused to read it after that.

When I was five-ish, I played cowboys and Indians with the boy next door. He was a couple years older and the only other kid on the block.
When I was young I had a 'Indian maiden" costume which consisted of a long black, braided wig (mde of wool) and a 'buckskin' dress. As a result I got to be the Indian when playing Cowboys and Indians and this meant I usually ended up being shot dead.

I think there were some TV series that gave a sympathetic portrayal of Indians most notably "Broken Arrow" but I haven't viewed it since my childhood.
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