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Re: Any old timers still around?

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You probably weren't hanging out much in TNZ yet. The "Crash" was bad. The Purge was worse. Due to it, I didn't really venture back into TNZ until about two years ago IIRC. The Troll Wars were an Ugly, Ugly time around here. But that's all ancient history, and then along came Bonz to keep the ship righted.
I didn't become a regular in TNZ until well after 2002. Back then I mainly hung out and posted in the Trek series and movie forums and heavily in the Enterprise threads. I was generally nonpolitical during my earliest days on the board but gradually drifted over to posting in more and more politically-themed threads as time passed.

I remember the Purge, too. The Troll Wars were something I was only on the periphery of due to my posting habits at that time but I saw a lot of the mess those idiots created and remember some of the details. For all the complaining that folks do these days about trolls, spambots and other troublemakers a lot of them weren't here or don't remember what the board could be like back then.

To paraphrase a fellow poster: today's breed of trolls can't hold a candle to the old ones. Those guys were ninja masters of troublemaking. The new ones barely last a couple of days before getting banned.
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