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Re: Confess your dumbness

Samuel Walters wrote: View Post
Unit conversions. I have down that four quarts make a gallon. Inches - feet - yards, I'm okay there. Everything else? Frak if I know!
All I know is that there are two centipedes to an inchworm.

RandyS wrote: View Post
You're not alone my friend. Black holes and brain erosion are what is SUPPOSED to happen when you try to figure out math of any kind.
That makes me feel better. But I can still sense Stephen Hawking shaking his head at me.

Third Nacelle wrote: View Post
I never have any idea what's going on with most sports.
Same here, but that's because I couldn't care less.

propita wrote: View Post
Grape: Things are affected by something. Or, things have an effect on other things.
So "affect" is passive and "effect" is active. Thanks. That's helpful.

Vendikarr wrote: View Post
One of my daughters is mathematically challenged as well. I taught her this trick for tipping.
I use tricks like that all the time to pretend I can do math. It doesn't help me to understand the Higgs Boson, though.

scotpens wrote: View Post
It's not that difficult, really. Just remember that if it's a verb, it's probably "affect." If it's a noun, it's almost certainly "effect."
Affect is a verb, effect is a noun. That's good, too. Thanks.
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