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Re: The Single Worst Line of Dialogue in the entire Star Trek Franchis

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Wow, that is surprising so by what you detail above, EVERYTHING dealing with our beloved Mister Spock and the curious phenomenon of time travel you have hated from 1966 - 1986.
I didn't say I hated it, but the time travel concepts presented in Star Trek until finally TNG's "Time's Arrow" came along are simply illogical, yet presented by television's character most famous for "logic". The irony is somewhat delicious.

The SS people wearing "Kirk's" uniform in "Patterns of Force" were in charge of ensuring that the concentration camp slave laborers were literally and systematically worked to death!

There's nothing remotely humorous to this issue. When asked to remember Holocaust suvivors usually burst out in tears for the atrocities they either witnessed or endured personally.

Had any of the producers participated during WW II in Europe and seen the liberation of a concentration camp, Spock's line in "Patterns of Force" would have been excised in the very first draft of the screenplay for this episode.

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