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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Thanks Thrawn! That really helps. I'm really only interspersing the Voyager books to break up the reading order a bit. (Much as I love Titan reading three books in a row was a bit much, same with TNG's Borg-a-pooloza!) I was using Memory Beta and the Ever-Appreciated Flowchart to figure out some semblance of a chronological order to the books just for some basic structure to the over-arching story. (I'm not crazy enough to chance Memory Beta's "Read Paragraphs 3-4 of Chapter 17 of Full Circle, then read this, then read Paragraph 5....).

Relayer, I'm highly anticipating all three of them - even if I know some of the more spoilery things - but I've done the chronological read order this far, might as well continue with it!

IndianaTrekker, I actually started, oh my, nearly 2 years ago, now, reading the DS9 Relaunch novels. (Though technically I started with Millennium) When I got to the Mission Gamma novels I started to get the itch to read through the Post-Series/Movie Era TNG novels and have read everything set around then. It's been quite the ride! I actually can't believe how quickly I've gotten through the books. I've even taken some detours into the Mirror Universe material.
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