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Re: 40 and Over Club Meeting


We read the Little Black Sambo book in school.

Christian holidays were celebrated in schools (Easter-related and especially Christmas-related activities were common). I miss that....maybe I should put this in TNZ's Say Something Unpopular thread.

We ate "N----- babies" candy.

Girls weren't allowed to do a lot of fun stuff. I *hated* this.

First American Immigrants (I refuse to use Native American as anyone born here is that, and they were immigrants from Asia, not native to this continent) were called Indians and were often the bad guys.

In the South when I was a kid, there was still segregation in some areas (Florida schools didn't desegregate until 1972).

Most blacks on TV when I was a kid were in subservient roles, like as a maid or such. Shows like Julia (she was a nurse) were a breath of fresh air.

Cartoons showed lots of stereotypes - women, blacks, Mexicans, etc.
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