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Re: STAR TREK: 100th Anniversary Edition

Yes, Gabe´s Enterprise is very nice, but overused.

My problem with JJ´s Enterprise, for me the whole ship lucks like a gigant flying apple store. Any one remember that´s just a huge starship ? I liked the internal design, the enginiering aka the "Budcore" is perhaps realistic, even in the 23th century.

So, I designed the saucer a little more bulky and more mechanical.

The saucer have also no single window on it, because the Enterprise is in my eyes simply a more warship then a science-cruiser. The whole idea was, to put an aircraft carrier like the real Enterprise in space. The saucer(rim)was also inspired by the Star Destroyer from Star Wars.

And by the way, this is not the first Enterprise ! Her older Sister is badass

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