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Re: 40 and Over Club Meeting

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Looney Toons that didn't have any of the violence edited out.
What, is some of the violence edited out nowadays? Good grief.

In the 70s I used to read a lot of Bobbsey Twins books, where the family had Sam and Dinah, the stereotypical laughing, happy black couple who were cook/housemaid and handyman, living in the attic on the Bobbsey family home. Their speech was always written linguistically, such as "honey chile [child]". I'm assuming this has been altered quite drastically in modern versions of the book. I believe a lot of the books were written in the 30s, and I don't think the dialogue had been changed much, if any, when I was reading them 40 years later. I'm sure there were other very un-PC stereotypes in the books, but I can't remember any other ones off-hand.

In my brothers' Tintin books, which I loved as a kid, people of African decent were always depicted as having huge lips and being none too bright. It's a good thing Captain Haddock's swearing was already edited out; it saved modern book printers from having to do so.
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