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Re: POLL: Babylon 5 or Stargate SG-1?

My Stargate SG-1 complete set just arrived in mail. HOLY CRAP! THIS THING IS HEAVY! I have no doubt it could kill someone if it actual fell on top of somebody's head!

The packaging inside really sucks in terms holding dvds though, thankfully only one of the discs were loose, it was a special features one.

I will HAVE to buy a dvd/cd binder to hold all 54 dvds today, instead of keeping it in the paper box which could end up easily scratching the discs. I'll keep the box only for display purposes!

The ONLY thing I know about this show is that I remember catching the opening credits one time, and though the theme music for it was great.

I guess I'll have to decide which show to start first in the next few days...
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