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Re: 2013 Emmy Nominations Announced

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^This is why I think they have to split the Emmy Awards and maybe have 2 shows. Broadcast just don't have the freedoms as cable does, so that's why they're being blown away. It's a shame too because there are still some good broadcast shows out there. I mean if shows like 30 Rock and Parks and Rec were on in the early 90s, they might blow away the competition, except for maybe Seinfeld, Friends, and Frasier.
Better writing, acting, and directing will trump nudity, profanity, and (lots of) blood, any day. You take any of that out of the drama nominees and you still have reat shows.

Broadcast T.V. should be held to the same high standards being set by cable and premium cable. Broadcast needs to work harder at producing quality shows. Look at CBS, the broadcast ratings kings. They openly seek ratings over quality and their shows reflect this. The rest seem to be following suit.

The broadcasters always seem to be hamstrung seeking the almighty dollar over quality. Cable, with their much lower overhead, can present emphasize quality.

It seems the bradcasters may be headed down the same road as the big recording companies were 15-20 years ago. That road is leading to oblivion. The internet is in the process of claiming another victim.
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