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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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the motivations of Varys
You got me. GRRM may still be able to come up with something that neatly fills all the gaps, but I do think he probably changed what he was intending there somewhere along the lines.

the identity of the Great Other
Personally, I don't think there's a R'hllor or a Great Other nor any other god. I think there's some kind of deep-seated magical force in the world that has both ice and fire forms, but there's no sentient deities and ice and fire aren't enemies so much as dual sides of the same coin (both can resurrect, both have means of seeing other times and places via the flames and weirwoods, etc.).

That said, if there IS a Great Other, it mostly certainly isn't Melisandre as some people on Westeros baffling think. Like... we've got a Melisandre POV and know she's genuine in her beliefs, even if a good deal of her arsenal IS just tricks. How they think she's an ice god in disguise, I have no idea...

Lena Headey's tragic lack of nudity.
I think it's probably for the best to keep her covered until the Walk of Shame scene in later seasons. That's such a powerful and raw moment that it'd work best if we were seeing her nude for the first time when all of King's Landing does as well. Headey's done nudity before so I'm hoping she will again because it'll easily be the least gratuitous nude scene GoT's ever done, one that serves as the peak of Cersei's entire character arc of vanity rather than just "Oh, here's a prostitute serving Pod! Titty time!"
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