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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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I was speaking about the constructed image of black men as frightening
"Constructed"? You mentioned a media case which is currently resulting in violent, savage rioting and looting from the black community in America. Have the white people paid them to do this?

Well, where I live most of the violent crime is committed by black people. This is because of economics, media agenda, and a cultural climate that does not exist in Westeros though, not their race. I wouldn't expect Summer Islanders to act like the scum in my city, and they don't seem to. Most white people in Westeros are douches too.
I'm sorry, but you are completely wrong on your description of the post-Zimmerman protests. There has been no 'savage rioting and looting' following the acquittal. Right-wing media may have been salivating at the prospect of post-Rodney-King-style rioting but it is well-documented that the vast majority of protests in response to the acquittal have been peaceful
Rolling Crime Wave in Hollywood
Protesters Detained in Victorville Rally
More on Victorville Arrests
Additional Hollywood Rioting
Beating in Baltimore
...and the "well-documented" list goes on and grows every day...

Right-wing media may have been shamelessly "salivating" to see it, but left-wing media has been blatantly blind to its existence. Both sides in this argument are acting stupidly, engaging in bald-faced race-baiting to pander to their own twisted political agendas and I shit on them both.

Do we really need to bog down a fucking GoT thread with this nonsense?
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