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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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I was speaking about the constructed image of black men as frightening
"Constructed"? You mentioned a media case which is currently resulting in violent, savage rioting and looting from the black community in America. Have the white people paid them to do this?

, which leads non-black people to believe that black people are more violent than people of other races.
Well, where I live most of the violent crime is committed by black people. This is because of economics, media agenda, and a cultural climate that does not exist in Westeros though, not their race. I wouldn't expect Summer Islanders to act like the scum in my city, and they don't seem to. Most white people in Westeros are douches too.
I'm sorry, but you are completely wrong on your description of the post-Zimmerman protests. There has been no 'savage rioting and looting' following the acquittal. Right-wing media may have been salivating at the prospect of post-Rodney-King-style rioting but it is well-documented that the vast majority of protests in response to the acquittal have been peaceful

Several protesters were arrested this weekend when demonstrators expressed their anger at the acquittal of George Zimmerman in rallies across the nation, although most of the events were peaceful with marchers wearing hoodies, carrying signs and chanting "Justice for Trayvon Martin."
The majority of protests throughout the country were peaceful after the emotionally charged verdict finding Zimmerman not guilty of murder in the 2012 slaying of Trayvon Martin. Police in Oakland, Calif., declared an unlawful assembly with reports of demonstrators' throwing rocks and bottles at police and even attacking journalists, according to ABC News Station KGO-TV. Police estimates put the crowd at about 200 people at its height Sunday.
There has been some violence but hardly 'savagery.' For that sort of adjective, you need to look to where I live in Belfast, where there has been sustained violence by White Anglo-Saxon (or Ulster-Scots) Protestants since last Friday. Much greater violence, committed in greater concentration in a smaller part of the world.

Your adherence to stereotypes, quite frankly, shows the same mindset as George Zimmerman - black person = likely criminal - which is quite saddening. Indeed, to use a case where an unarmed black child was shot dead by an armed half-white/half Hispanic man with a criminal record, as an example of black people being violent, is shockingly offensive.

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Mark Gatiss cast in Season 4 of Game of Thrones.

Sherlock/Dr Who and Game of Thrones collide!

Mark Gatiss will appear in the fourth season of HBO’s Thrones. The British writer-producer-actor has written Doctor Who novels and episodes of the BBC cult classic, as well as acted on the long-running series (since 2007, he’s credited to three different roles on IMDB). In addition, Gatiss is the co-creator and co-star of another Brit-based favorite, Sherlock, where he plays Holmes’ dryly mysterious brother Mycroft. Now he’s booked on HBO’s fantasy hit next year.

On Thrones he will play …

Well, that’s something we cannot reveal. The Thrones team is keeping Gatiss’ role quiet.
I like Gatiss as a writer and enjoy his performances in League of Gentlemen but I can't take him seriously as a dramatic actor. Even in Sherlock, I'm expecting him to start going 'Fireman!' or some other LOG catchphrase.

I can see him as maybe a Wildling, perhaps the Magnarr of Thenn but I still think that the writers have sort of merged that character with Thormund Giantsbane to form the television version of Thormund. Not sure who else I can see him playing.
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