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Re: Confess your dumbness

I had heard the word "brooch" (a decorative pin) pronounced with an "oo" sound somewhere, not the same as "broach" (to broach a topic)--then pronounced it with the "oo" sound in law school. And got laughed at. I was soooooo embarrassed.

How was I supposed to know it was not pronounced as it looked?

My other problem? I have no censor sometimes when I speak. There is not pre-thinking before speaking, the words just...come out and I literally have no idea what I'm going to say. I was told that I was well beyond "blunt." I have improved over the decades, but there are/have been times when I literally have a "did I just say that out loud?" moment. I always tried to be very polite to compensate, and became known for saying the most outrageous things very politely. I'm told it's an actual "thing" (a condition or whatever) and not just me being rude, which is why repeated efforts over the decades have had some effect.

Grape: Things are affected by something. Or, things have an effect on other things.

Auntie: Simple way to figure a tip? Double the tax. Here in CA, that'll give about 16/17% tip. Triple it if your tax is lower.

Third Nacelle: An escrow account is basically a holding cell for your money when you buy a home. You're showing good faith by putting up the money, but the seller doesn't get to just take it yet--so if the sale falls through, the money is returned to you and you don't have to fight the seller for it. When a home is "in escrow," the sale and transfer is under way, but it can still fall through. Usually some condition is unmet or the appraised value isn't high enough for the bank to lend that much money.
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