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Re: Sample McDonalds Budget

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I would question the value in presenting people with a "sample" budget that admits to not being realistic.
But again, other than the healthcare component, what's so unrealistic here?

$0 for heating? It's possible. We could be talking about the south, or it could be provided by the landlord.

The fact that food and clothing and gas aren't included? Well, it gives people $900/month for that (the $800 spending money plus the $100 in savings).

Someone mentioned property taxes. Really? Isn't it more unreasonable to criticize them for not including property taxes than it is to assume a significant number of these minimum wage workers would never be able to become property owners in the first place?

Once again: I think a guy working 80 hours a week in this country should be able to live significantly better than this, but that's not the case. So why waste energy on the budget rather than on the system that requires such budgeting?
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