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Re: Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

It felt like a misfire to me to have Nixon be the one in charge of adjusting/censoring programming based on '80s cartoons. True, some of the earlier social activism that led to the FCC imposing restrictions on Saturday morning content came during Nixon's time in office (indeed, part of the reason the Scooby-Doo characters responded to danger by running away or building traps was because of the pressure to keep the show nonviolent), but I'm not sure how involved he was with that as an issue, and it's still off by over a decade with the latter two shows being featured here. It felt kind of random. History aside, the fictional character that is Futurama's Nixon is unrepentantly evil and warmongering, so it's out of character for him to give a damn about censoring violence on TV.

And really, if they wanted to do a satire of violent animation being redubbed to tone down the violence, they should've parodied an anime series. A lot of anime imports have had violence, sexual innuendo, alcohol use, or blatant product placements censored in the English dubs, often with the kind of obvious substitutions spoofed here, like a voiceover assuring us that a pilot survived a crash. (I think I remember a Star Blazers episode where a Gamilon ship blew up with the captain and crew pretty clearly still aboard, but there was a dubbed line in the next scene about how the captain would be court-martialed for his failure once he returned home.) But it makes no sense in a parody of G.I. Joe, an American-produced (if overseas-animated) show which was written, storyboarded, and animated to be devoid of lethal violence in the first place -- with all the characters using laser guns and never hitting each other except with stun weapons, pilots always parachuting safely out of falling jets, etc. There was a fair amount of death and bloodshed in the Marvel G.I. Joe comics, but not in the TV show. So their satire was way off the mark here and just didn't work.
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