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Re: Doug Drexler on Star Trek...

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I'm sitting here watching the interview and finding it painful to watch, I see someone who is simply ready to repeat the same mistakes that "Enterprise" made. TV has also changed.

I did get a hearty laugh when he said he left after fifteen minutes then mentioned the scene he left during which was at least an hour into the movie.
Actually, I prefer Enterprise to Abramsverse, so what you call mistakes, I call corrections. Enterprise was just starting to get its stride when it was cancelled. But respect your right to your opinion, too.

I am not going to bash Abramsverse at all, either, because I rather enjoyed both movies, but for me at least, it lacks a certain element of soul and personal meaning to me, that TOS-ENT had. To me, they are just good summer block busters, set somewhere distant in the same multiverse as the rest of Star Trek. But I don't have anywhere the same emotional connection to the Abramsverse as the rest of Trek.

I wish Doug Drexler would be given control of Star Trek TV, and wish him luck on his Enterprise Season 5 campaign, though I know it is probably an uphill, futile battle.
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