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Re: Sample McDonalds Budget

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I don't know if anyone else went and looked at this in context, but I did, and it appears to me that it is just a sample of how to create a budget using their tools. I don't think it's meant as a suggested budget at all. And the how-to-budget info is actually quite good.
I think that they should at least have done a realistic sample budget and I do think that if showing that a second job is needed was not neccessarily the wisest thing that they did.
Not saying that it was a wise choice of numbers -- it wasn't. But many people are making this thing out to be something it was never intended to be.

I've taught life skills classes that included budgeting, and the figures in the samples I saw were never very realistic. Just like "word problems" in math, where the numbers may not be realistic for the storyline.
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