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Re: Doug Drexler on Star Trek...

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If you listen to what Drexler is saying you can see where he's coming from. He sees something in TOS that is integral to its appeal and he doesn't see that something in JJtrek.
How would he know? He's only seen fifteen minutes out of two films by his own admission. And Drexler even admits there's a backlash against every new version of Trek.

Indeed he even comments on Abrams openly being more a Star Wars fan and obviously thinking that Trek should be more like SW. And Abrams has actually said so himself.
Abrams admitted that Trek needed to up its game. You shit out another "Nemesis" or Enterprise (which Drexler actaully tried to revive) and you were completely flushing the franchise.

Drexler also remarks that he believes Star Trek belongs (and is best) on television where you can do stories better suited to its concept.
He's literally trying to say that a show that started with 13 million viewers and ended with less than two million wasn't doing "that bad"? Comparing it to a show that was airing on a cable channel.

I would consider the best and better episodes of television Star Trek to be hands-down superior and far more engaging than what has been done with Trek in feature films.

And I think that's where Drexler is coming from.
I disagree. Trek works well on either the big screen or small screen.
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