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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Innocence... pretty boring. I'd dissect just how dumb it is they become kids as they get older... but that would require me caring enough about the episode to do so. Not to mention it morbidly amuses me for some reason the thought of one of those alien women giving birth to a shriveled old person the size of themselves. Well amuses me more than an episode of Vulcan babysitting.

The Thaw... one of Voyager's better episodes. Unlike most clown villain spinoffs this one doesn't make you just want to groan and fight over who can change the channel first, but this guy actually felt menacing and threatening. Not to mention chopping the log to scare Kim was hilarious, and it's oddly fitting that Janeway manages to conquer fear by being more menacing.

Tuvix... well I'll keep this short as I've spouted off on long tangents on the latest hundred plus page Tuvix thread. First, to get it out of the way, I believe Janeway is guilty of murder for that one. But to the episode itself and not the moral implications of it, the acting was well done and it presented a compelling scenario. You really could like the Tuvix character even if he looks like he came out of a blender and the scene where he's begging for his life on the bridge, desperate for anyone to help him but finding only silence is wonderful in it's sheer morbidness.
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