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Re: IQ Scores.

This thread is really weird because I was thinking about posting something similar yesterday when mowing the lawn at the exact time this was posted. Forget IQ scores, let's talk about esper ratings like in "Where No Man Has Gone Before."

Anyways, my thoughts on it were more along the lines of if there is any value to be gained from an IQ score at all (mostly in laypeople knowing and comparing scores, that is). A friend of mine took a test recently (a real one administered by a professional, not one of those ridiculous internet ones) and kept recommending that I take one. He was doing it for some sort of mental health reasoning and was able to cover the cost of it (which I think was $100) with insurance, but I get the feeling that the real reason was more for purposes of ego stroking or validation.

A lot of IQ tests just strike me that way. Someone takes an online test and says, "Oh, 150, I must be pretty smart." They flaunt this number in people's faces when they've got nothing else to show for it like a reasonable degree, a job actually associated with intelligence, or maybe even accomplishments or rewards that would seem to back that up. And even if they might have some of those things, they might be totally socially inept Sheldon Cooper types. To think that a simple number is some sort of measure of a person's worth is silly. There's so much more to it than that.

I realize that's not the intended purpose of the tests, but that's just how some people treat it, like a dick measuring contest.
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