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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

Throughout the whole Lucian Alliance tries to take Destiny storyline, the Lucian Alliance themselves come off as cartoony bad guys. Randomly killing minions for not being competent enough, brutally torturing their prisoners, Kiva with her "I'm not really a bad person, I just do bad things for my people" routine, the whole thing was pretty damn silly.

And why do the Lucian Alliance care so much about Destiny? Yeah, I know there's supposed to be legends and myths about the great treasures and rewards to be found at the other end of the Stargate when you dial the nine chevron address. But based on the conversation between Rush and Varo, the Alliance know damn well that the other end of the ninth chevron leads to a run-down starship on the ass-end of the universe. Yet they still want to make a play for it since it means getting an Ancient starship. If having an Ancient ship is so damn important, wouldn't it be easier to find a way over to the Pegasus galaxy and take one of the dozens that are drifting over there?

And yeah, Rush should totally still be speaking with his Scottish accent while inside Telford's body. After all, accents are partly related to how one pronounces certain words, and Rush would still be inclined to pronounce them that way even inside another body.
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