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Re: Sample McDonalds Budget

IndyJones wrote: View Post
But arguing about the numbers here is totally missing the point. About 1/3 of American workers live on this kind of money and make it work. Let's not pretend they don't. Do they live like most of us? Probably not. But they're doing it. And some of the richest men in the country are arguing that they're making too much money.
The only way anyone "makes it work" is through sheer luck. If anything unforeseen happens, you're screwed. I sure learned that one the hard way.

But you are right that arguing the numbers is pointless. I mentioned this in another thread about the Koch brothers. Conservatives put out information like this because they know their opponents are easily baited by statistics. Throw some statistics out there and you'll get people to waste their time determining why the stats are right or wrong, or creating their own. All the while, the conservatives who sourced the data in the first place are just moving along with their agenda to gut the middle class and make working class life as miserable as possible in order to enrich themselves. One of the shrewdest things they do is convince middle class people that poor people are ripping them off--and that's the real effect examples like this budget have. "Look at that, seems someone can live just fine on McDonald's money! Guess we don't need welfare or food stamps or Medicaid, then. Screw those lazy-ass poors who just won't step up, I don't want my tax money supporting them."

It's a clever trick and most people in this thread (including me) fell for it.

I just have to remind myself: the only way to win is not to play the game.
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