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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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- Jason Statham Alfred. Best part. For me, he's the real highlight of the show so far. I thought he was younger, almost Bruce's contemporary, until he said that he made a promise to Bruce's parents.
Actually, according to Mitch Watson, the model for this version of Alfred is "Sean Connery from The Untouchables": Someone formerly on a par with the hero but now in his 60s and past his prime, reduced to a support/advisory role when he'd rather be a man of action alongside the hero.

And it might alleviate some viewers' concerns about this version of Alfred to know that Glen Murakami advised the other producers to scale back their plans for Alfred's role lest he overshadow Batman. The early promotional image of a gun-toting Alfred fighting by Batman's side may represent those early plans that have now been scaled back.

- Gordon means Batgirl. I hope.
As I've mentioned, this show is earlier in Batman's career. Gordon is younger and just a lieutenant. Barbara might not be old enough to be Batgirl yet.

- I'm impressed with how lavish the batcave is. Same with Wayne manor. With it overlooking Gotham, you'd think that it would make it difficult for a batplane to come and go without someone noticing. As for the batmobile, I'm sure people would notice that it heads across the bridge in that direction.
Hadn't thought of that. It is kind of exposed, isn't it? But having Wayne Manor be set apart on its own island is an interesting variation.

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Alfred's like 'yeah, whatever I'm still your partner... now here, take this hot Asian chick I hired and probably banged as your field partner. Now no backtalk. She's got a nice bum."
Good grief, you're way off the mark there. Wikipedia says that this version of Katana is Alfred's goddaughter, and her father was his partner in MI-6.

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Agent Richard07 wrote: View Post
- RJ, you should check out the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. I'd love to know what you think of Aunt May.
Looks like the same kind of thing to me. Trying to be kewl by making the characters younger and more dynamic. It's lazy, lame and pandering. I prefer stories that have more diversity and variation among the characters.
I'd hardly call them the same. I've got nothing against revisionism, but Ultimate Spider-Man is pretty weak, and it's definitely skewed toward younger viewers. By contrast, BTB looks like the oldest-skewing superhero show currently on CN, on a par with Young Justice in its maturity, and I enjoy it a whole lot more than USM (or the new Avengers Assemble from the same producers and in the same continuity, which is dull and generic compared to Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes).

And given that Word of God is apparently that this Alfred is meant to be sixty-something, a Conneryesque mentor figure, I don't think they're de-aging him as much as you imagine.

In fact, think about it: An older man who was formerly a formidable fighter himself, now past his prime and walking with a cane and serving as a tough-love mentor and advisor to a young Batman... this Alfred has a lot in common with Batman Beyond's Bruce Wayne.

Although I just checked, and it turns out this Batman isn't quite as much of a novice as I thought. In the article I linked to at the top of the post, it says that this Batman is in his early 30s and has been Batman for 5-6 years. So he's about halfway between the experience levels of Bruce in The Batman and Bruce in B:TAS. Which makes it a bit surprising that Gordon's still a lieutenant. Maybe that's a Nolanverse influence.
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