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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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Hi all! Thought I'd throw this one in for general discussion. It was suggested that the Enterprise A could not have been built in so quick a time that the ship was actually the Yorktown renamed. This theory however was put forth by Gene Roddenberry and I actually don't consider him the utmost authority on these matters Tbh lol.
IIRC, Roddenberry proposed the idea to explain how Starfleet conveniently had another Constitution-class ship ready to go for Kirk and because Yorktown was a name originally proposed when he originally conceived Trek.
He also suggested that only a few Galaxy classes would ever be built and well we know that turned out to be untrue.
At the time TNG was introduced, the Galaxy-class was still a fairly new design. It's definitely plausible (if not logical) that at the beginning of the series, only a few were in service with more built towards the end of it. But for all intents and purposes, even with the several additional Galaxy-class ships we've seen after TNG, their numbers to other ship designs could still be considered low, IMO.
Also it is very likely that Starfleet had many Constitution refits on the assembly line by the time of Star Trek IV-VI (such as the Endeavor, Ahwahnee and Emden so I'm think it was most likely a new ship and not refurbished as Roddenberry suggested. What say you all?
Pick what theory works for you, because there definitely isn't an official answer. For me, I go with the Enterprise-A was indeed the Yorktown and that production of brand-new Constitution-class ships halted sometime prior to Star Trek II, with the refits done only to extend the life of the design by a couple of decades.
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