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ENG 3/80, Lunch, Day 1.

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Pleasant start so far, but the day is young and the blokes currently at the crease can bat for days so it's just a start. From here, much depends on whether Harris can stay fit for more than a day and whether Pattinson can get a grip - he's every bit as wayward as Starc but always seems to get a pass whereas Starc, dropped yet again, doesn't.
I think they had visions of the other left armed Mitch spraying them everywhere on the first morning in 2009 and seeing England sail to 0/130 at lunch, and decided to take no chances on the occasionally erratic Starc. No doubt he will be back this series.

Pattinson did not bowl well this morning. In fact, after the first couple of overs I was thinking we were going to go around the park, but then Harris did his thing - swinging it both ways, full and at pace. Root was probably a touch unlucky, but Harris' first spell deserved two wickets.

Another low score for Pietersen - when he got out I saw him think about sending an antique flying with his bat in the Long Room in front of the members, but thought the better of it Very happy to see him having a quiet series.

I won't bother commenting on the latest ructions in Australian cricket; the ongoing farce is just laughable at this juncture so ignoring it strikes me as the way to go.
They've got a real Prisoners' Dilemma thing going on with Clarke and Watson, haven't they? It's probably not going to end till both are out of the side, but it seems we will be treated to all the ugly details as Arthur's lawyers go for the big bucks. Unfortunately, at their best, they are our two best players. I will say one thing about Watson though, he is so handy as an all-rounder. As long as he bowls, his position is probably safe.

So, Australia on top here, but as you say, it's not time to get excited till Trott goes. He is the prized wicket, he just bats and bats, and I would like to see him go soon. Maybe we missed a trick not getting Agar on at him early - I thought he didn't particularly enjoy facing him in the first test. Also, how good is Bell looking?
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