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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

Subversion: Eh, I know I always bang on about this but I wish they could have left the whole baddies from Earth thing alone and invented new baddies. Still it's a decent enough drama.

Kind of odd.. why does Rush get so into figuring out the mystery of Telford? I know it was his dream but you'd think he wouldn't give a fig about all this compared to his great ship and other mysteries. I would have thought he'd say to Young, "I have important work to do, your factions and squabbles are not my concern here."

And wouldn't Rush be speaking in his own accent when in Telford's body? Of course he would.

We did get the deliciously everywhere MIKE DOPUD!

And it's nice to see O'Neill a bit.

Volker continues to get scruffier

Kiva or Keeva or whatever is just silly in her leather outfit and "I am a badass" deal.

AND again Young is an animal here. I feel sorry for Rush's body.

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