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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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After finishing Destiny, I was left wanting to know more about the 24th Century after those events. So I went plunging into Losing the Peace. I'm about 60 or pages in and enjoying the reflections the characters are going through. I really can't say much of a plot for the novel has taken shape yet.

My plans are to read Over a Torrent Sea, Full Circle, and A Singular Destiny, as that seems like the chronological read order of events (I know the books came out in the reverse of that order!). Hopefully I can get through all of them before the month is out. I'd like to be onto the Typhon Pact material by August, because the blurbs about The Fall are super enticing. And I haven't been this close to being current on the books in a long, long time. (Probably since Avatar first came out!?)
A Singular Destiny is probably best read before either Torrent Sea or Full Circle, actually.

Glad you're enjoying it; some good books are coming your way
Cool, thanks for the read order help Christopher & Thrawn! Should I infer a read order of Singular Destiny, Full Circle and Torrent Sea?
Full Circle and Torrent Sea don't really refer to each other; you can do those in either order. In fact, the Voyager novels pretty much do their own thing starting with Full Circle, and can be read whenever you want after A Singular Destiny.

The rest have a little bit of a stronger ordering. You want to read A Singular Destiny, Over A Torrent Sea and Synthesis before hitting the first wave of Typhon Pact books which I think are best read in publication order (Zero Sum Game, Seize The Fire, Rought Beasts of Empire, Paths of Disharmony, The Struggle Within), then Indistinguishable From Magic and Fallen Gods, then the second wave of Typhon Pact books (Plagues of Night, Raise the Dawn, Brinkmanship) then the Cold Equations trilogy, then The Stuff of Dreams.

And like I said, read the Voyager novels at any point during all of that; they stand on their own. (They're also absolutely incredibly fantastic, for whatever that's worth )
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