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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

Hmmm... in-between Star Trek 09 and Into Darkness, I do vaguely recall remarks (I won't say quotes, because that would imply that I remember verbatim what was said, and I don't) from either Lindelof, Abrams, or Orci (can't remember who it was exactly) in which the essence was, that Into Darkness might not have a villain, as such - rather, the obstacle / challenge being space itself... ???

With Into Darkness now been and gone, it doesn't really fit with what I'm trying very badly to describe... so I'm wondering if it could shed any light on the next movie (perhaps)...

Sorry for an absolutely vague suggestion of a obscure (and unreferenced remark)... I distinctly remember being rather intrigued by the comments, so my apologies for not actually bringing to the table a solid quotable quote...

Does anyone remember hearing anything like this?

If so, I'd appreciate any help you could provide, on shedding light on this rather hazy recollection of mine... otherwise I do believe I might have been recalling conversations that never actually occurred!
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