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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

It was extremely "reset" heavy, but a great episode before that. It's a shame as once again we're into territory that would have been interesting to see repercussions of again. Voyager limping along trying to repair would have been great.

Meanwhile I got back from Holiday last night and got through three episodes.

Pretty average and standard episode. Moving on.

The Thaw
Wow, it looks a lot like a TOS episode in the computer. Bloke from Spinal Tap was excellent. Loved Janeway's solution here, and it's an interesting set-up for the next episode.

And let the debate begin. An excellent episode, with a rather difficult decision for the Captain towards the end. I like it that if the solution was available right at the start it wouldn't have been a problem, even Tuvix would have jumped at the transporter. Instead, Janeway has to wrestle with the decision of is it right to kill one person to save two. I honestly don't know, though as the other Vulcan put it, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

The actor portraying Tuvix did a fantastic job, and he really did come off as a more likeable amalgamation of the two characters. If he had failed on that front the entire episode would have fallen apart.

What we're all really ignoring though is one Ensign Harry Kim's giant dereliction of duty. The transporters are playing up, so he fixes them, only instead of testing them he just beams the Away Team back up instead. All that plant nonsense is clearly Kim covering his own arse.
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