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Re: Frontier/Colony Show

It could work for a few episodes maybe a season. The main problem would be that it could be set in any sci-fi universe not just Star Trek. Going too generic and adding Star Trek to the name would be useless ... But a colony might work, as in Deep Space Nine, like there is a federation colony on a planet and they would be a base of operations too, they could have small ships for exploring the region, maybe bigger ships to some Deep Space missions. They could play around with the idea for example that they found a way (maybe another wormhole?) to travel to Andromeda or some other galaxy and they make there a colony for base of operations. So in that way they could any day come back to the federation for classical adventures with classical races, also they could show brand new and unusual aliens not present in our galaxy ... Problem with my concept is that they can say that it is too close as concept to Stargate Atlantis ... But for Star Trek it could work ...
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