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Re: The Last Star Trek Film You Watched

Continuing my very first trek into the films of Star Trek...

Star Trek: Generations

I tried to like it. I really did.

The truth of the matter is that Star Trek: Generations is more of a mess as The Final Frontier was. I was also unfortunately grounded in my fear that I would miss the original crew of the USS Enterprise. And the plot. Oh man, the plot.

First things first. I have never, up until this point, seen anything in relation to Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV show or film). This means that Generations is the first contact (heh) I have had with The Next Generation cast. With that in mind, I will tell it how I see it. Captain Picard is a strong willed character with an incredible voice and played very admirably by Sir Patrick Stewart, but I do not find him as oddly interesting as Kirk. Data is a Vulcan-wannabe babbling idiot who does not even hold a candle to Spock (I suppose I have the emotion chip to thank for that). I guess there is a doctor on board the Enterprise-D (Crusher?), but let's be honest: it wouldn't even be fair to juxtapose her to McCoy. Same goes for Riker - he seems to be a force to be reckoned with, but his interplay with Picard is not half as fun as Kirk and McCoy's interplay. There just is no competition in my eyes.

Perhaps all this negativity comes down to the fact that Star Trek: Generations has one of the sloppiest plots I have ever seen in a major motion picture. There are so many plot holes and questions that I almost don't want to list them. I'm sure I missed a few, but here I go anyway:

What exactly is the Nexus? Where did it come from? Why is it moving throughout the universe in the way that it does? How did Guinan get transported into Picard's Nexus? How did Picard travel from his Nexus to Kirk's Nexus? Kirk has been living in his Nexus for nearly 80 years if we go by the subtitle - does the film assume that he is blindingly stupid enough to believe he is living in reality when all it takes is a horse jump to convince him the Nexus is not real? How did Kirk and Picard escape the Nexus? How does the Nexus allow one to go back in time when the Nexus itself is a fake reality? If the Nexus is 'what you desire', does that mean the entire ending of the film (and subsequent TNG films) are all Picard's hallucinations and the crew of the Enterprise is actually dead? (That would be pretty interesting though.)

Generations' plot is so incomprehensibly convoluted that I just gave up. I honestly could not understand, nor did I even want to understand what the movie was about. Because after all, it ended up being about stopping a missile from blowing up a star and killing a bunch of stuff. That's what I got out of it - and it was still lame.

I actually dug the beginning of Generations perhaps only because it still felt like an Original Series film. I was not as off put as I thought I would be about Kirk, Scotty and Chekov coming back despite getting a more than proper send off in The Undiscovered Country. I didn't even mind that a more hammy than usual William Kirk was used as a plot device later in the film. What really disgusts me is how Generations treats the eventual fate of Kirk.

Kirk's death scene mentally hurt me, and it will likely haunt me into my next life if there is such a thing. I thought David's death in The Search for Spock was stale, but my God, Kirk's death in Star Trek: Generations is a flat out insult to fans of the Original Series. I just don't understand who's idea it was to portray Kirk as some old, senile cowboy inexplicably bent on having just one last hoorah. Kirk's line, "It was fun," is so damned stupid that I have to stop typing about it. I actually don't even mind Kirk's final words of, "Oh my," but everything that preceded it was so painful that I can't commend it as much as I normally would.

Star Trek: Generations is the worst Star Trek film, bar none. It has actually made me appreciate The Final Frontier a little more, as I now know how truly bad it can get.

And to think that I was happy at the end of The Undiscovered Country.

1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Director's Edition) (1982) - 8.5/10
2. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Director's Edition) (1979) - 7.5/10
3. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) - 7.5/10
4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) - 7/10
5. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) - 6/10
6. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) - 5/10*
7. Star Trek: Generations (1994) - 4/10

Up next...

Star Trek: First Contact - and it had better be as good as people say it is.

*Footnote: Upon viewing Star Trek: Generations, I have realized that despite The Final Frontier's MANY shortcomings, there were at least one or two scenes that stood out. And I miss the Original Series cast, so sue me. I've added one extra point to Star Trek V.

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