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Re: Latest acquisition!

Christopher wrote: View Post
Uhura's Song is one of my all-time favorites. It's a great exploration/first contact story, a rousing adventure, and a treat for any cat-lover.
I still have very fond memories of this one. It was actually the first ST book I bought with my own money. With my awesome kid-logic, the reason I picked it was because it was the thickest of the offerings on the shelf, so *obviously* it was the best value for the money!

As I recall, its strongest tie to the rest of the '80s continuity is that it brings back a supporting character introduced in The Entropy Effect, a felinoid security officer nicknamed Snarl.
Good ol' Snnanagfashtalli. (Yes, I had to look up the spelling! )

Desert Kris wrote: View Post
A month or so ago I found decent copies of The Vulcan Academy Murders, which I've surprised myself for neglecting, given that it it looks in on the planet Vulcan and Spock's family, at least according to the back cover discription.
I remember liking this one, and yes, most of the book takes place on Vulcan. This was one I never picked up new when I had the chance, so I've always been on the lookout for a new-looking copy, which of course I've never found.

About two weeks ago I got a hold of Shadow Lord (hoping there will be some good Sword and Planet action like in Friday's Child),
All I remember about Shadow Lord is that I did not like it at all.

a really nice copy of The Final Reflection,
This one's a classic, and is probably my most frequently reread ST novel.
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