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Re: Space Station K-7

I guess you are implying that these smaller (unseen) hangars could be used to store these containers that fit into the Enterprise. That works for me, although your initial idea would have been more elegant

Another thought on the container idea: each type of starship would need its own type of container. For example, the containers that fit into the secondary hull of the Enterprise wouldn´t fit into a TOS Miranda type ship. Depending on the actual number of starship classes in TOS, there might be quite a few different types of containers a station like K-7 might have to have in store. So a standardized container (shape) might make more sense. Or you say, that these containers are merely limited to the top-of-the-line starships, which need to exchange cargo quickly and be on their way again.

But that should maybe be discussed in a thread of its own - along with the actual meaning of all the hull markings on the Enterprise

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