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Re: Any old timers still around?

cooleddie74 wrote: View Post
Clearwater's a good place. One of my dearest friends lives in that area.
Hey Eddie, long time. LOVING it so far.

T'Bonz wrote: View Post
Ah, too late. We just moved up to North Carolina in April.
Nice T'Babe. See how ya are. Move all the way down here to be closer and you up and leave. Hope N.C. is treating you well, and hope the family is doing good.

MacLeod wrote: View Post

Well then I guess we should say welcome back.
Thanks, I'll try and drop in a little more often now.

Timofnine wrote: View Post
Haggis and tatties wrote: View Post
I could have sworn i reg on this board roundabout 1999 ...
...Either i am going mad, or i have gone mad.
I think that some older accounts were deleted at some point? I seem to remember my original account being deleted at some point (along with other users and posts) and I had to register again with a new one?
It all happened at the end of the "Troll Wars" somewhere around '01-'02. TNZ was train wreck and there were 'Multiples' galore. I don't recall anything official ever being stated, but when I took break over Christmas in '02, my original account had poofed by the time I came. People serious about posting on TBBS re-registered, but most of the Trolls started their own board.

cooleddie74 wrote: View Post
... I don't remember older accounts being purged nearly as vividly as the Great Crash of 2002 that laid waste to the old database and caused the irretrievable loss of about four months' worth of posts and accounts from that time.
You probably weren't hanging out much in TNZ yet. The "Crash" was bad. The Purge was worse. Due to it, I didn't really venture back into TNZ until about two years ago IIRC. The Troll Wars were an Ugly, Ugly time around here. But that's all ancient history, and then along came Bonz to keep the ship righted.
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