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Re: Endgame was awesome!

R. Star wrote: View Post
Yeah Vulcan, not cool. Rational conversation goes out the window when you imply there's something wrong with anyone who has an opposing argument. I suppose if we had different favorite colors I'd be saying what mine was in a whiny voice too? If you love Endgame great. Enjoy the heck out of it. Gets pretty selfish when you get insulting to anyone who doesn't share your opinion though.
Hmm...I understand what you mean as a fellow person who also dislikes aspects of Endgame, but I didn't feel too much offense. I think he just really, REALLY loves Endgame.

It's an episode that is known as a "highly complained" about one in the fandom for usually the same reasons (I know I complain for the same reasons all the time), hence the whiny voice perhaps? I know I complain the heck out of it.

Just my thought.
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