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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

I saw it and loved it.

- Batman's face looked a bit effeminate and both he and Bruce seem a bit unremarkable so far. No matter, the real highlight for me is that the show is shaking things up.

- The one thing that did impress me about the Batman character was the opening fight where we got to see his ninja-like astuteness and skill at work. As much as I love the Nolan movies, they didn't give us anything like that.

- Jason Statham Alfred. Best part. For me, he's the real highlight of the show so far. I thought he was younger, almost Bruce's contemporary, until he said that he made a promise to Bruce's parents.

- RJ, you should check out the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. I'd love to know what you think of Aunt May.

- Gordon means Batgirl. I hope.

- Liking Katana's role too.

- I'm impressed with how lavish the batcave is. Same with Wayne manor. With it overlooking Gotham, you'd think that it would make it difficult for a batplane to come and go without someone noticing. As for the batmobile, I'm sure people would notice that it heads across the bridge in that direction.

- Mr. Toad threw me a bit, but as mentioned, a fantastical character like that lets us know what to expect.
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