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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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I don't know - I'm pretty sure he knows that his own minions can't be trusted to keep secrets since he himself pays them to relate secrets to him.
Varys' minions are little children he acquires whose tongues he has cut out. They aren't hirelings.
I read a couple of interesting theories that Varys may have an agenda entirely his own in regards to his hatred of magic and the Targaryens have some sort of magic in their blood that has to do wth dragons, much as the Starks have warg magic in their blood. Doesn't he swear to destroy Stannis because he uses magic? Anyway, the ultimate question these folks were asking was why would Varys want to put someone of magical blood in the seat of ultimate power if he hates magic?
Varys' hatred of magic comes from things he tells Tyrion. He's lying to Tyrion about a bunch of other things, including his loyalty to House Lannister.
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I've seen a lot of modern scholars try and shit on Tolkien's work for not being politically correct, which strikes me as odd as the work isn't at all political.
A work doesn't have to be written as an explicit political tract to have political content. Virtually any novel will express the worldview of the author in some respect, and those are inherently political. Tolkien's glancing depictions of non-European civilizations are of their time, which is to say, kind of racist; it's not a major theme of the work or anything, but it is there.
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