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Re: Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

Every season since the show's return, they've done one of these compilation things. Last time it was the nature programs, and before that it was the one where the show was done in 1930s, low-res video game, and '80s anime formats. That one was actually good, but the last two have been lame and had nothing to do with Futurama.

The Scooby parody was mildly fun, and I liked how it was fairly authentic to the look of the show, particularly the style of the background paintings. One slightly amusing thing is that Billy West actually played Shaggy once before, in Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island in 1998. But the main value was nostalgic; the parody wasn't all that good and the story was rather unfocused. Although it did come together surprisingly coherently in the end.

The second segment was based on the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon, which I never watched, so I don't have much of a referent there. I think the one part I liked was the "part of a balanced breakfast" bit with the huge breakfast spread.

I felt the G.I. Joe segment was off the mark. It might've been funnier if they'd gone with a straight parody that showed what it would've been like if they hadn't had the violence toned down -- or something like the Scooby segment, where the violence was toned down in the show but the characters remarked on the oddity of it. I also would've liked it if they'd captured the original animation style more. I did like the animation of the flames from the rocket and a couple of the explosions, which had a staccato, hand-painted quality that felt very much like the work of an '80s Japanese animation studio. That was the sort of thing I wanted to see more of, the recreation of the old visual styles, but aside from those bits of effects animation, the whole segment was just in Futurama's art style, aside from the modified character designs.

And of course, it's disrespectful to show us these gags involving Headless Clone of Agnew so soon after his tragic disintegration at the hands of Omicronian invaders. The nation is still in mourning! Show some respect, people!
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