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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Stifle it, Edith.

I can't complain much, really. My friend's local toy and collectibles shop had a lot of the hard-to-find figures even if I had to pay a few dollars extra for each one. But yeah, never saw any of those three I mentioned on actual retail peg walls at any store chain, although I did manage to find the Ponda Baba, Hoth Soldier, Imperial Navy Commander and other highly popular and sought-after figures from their particular waves.

There are still folks all over the place who have never seen a Vintage Collection Ponda Baba in the wild, much less some of the others we've talked about. Heck, check the eBay prices for the VC12 Darth Sidious or the pop-off panels Threepio from the very first wave of the line. Some of these bad boys are still very, very elusive.
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