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Re: Endgame was awesome!

Okay, I reiterate the thesis I made in the OP. I'm fresh off watching Endgame and it is even more awesome to me now.

Let's look at some of the arguments against it.

"detractor": The Borg were feeble and their vessels were able to be destroyed with a single torpedo.

me: Yes, but these were "futuristic" torpedoes developed by the Federation specifically to thwart the Borg. It makes sense that if they were taken back in time they would handily destroy Borg cubes. Even such, Old Janeway fears that the Borg could easily adapt if they didn't finish the mission soon.

"detractor": Old Janeway destroyed the timeline and altered the course of history. An action she condemns in earlier episodes.

me: I concede this point to a certain degree, but your voice is still "whiny". Deviation from predictability makes for awesome episodes and Endgame is no exception. Would you rather have Janeway behaving in a completely predictable way for VOY's final episode? No. If that were the case, you would be complaining about THAT.

"detractor": We didn't get to see Voyager reunite with Earth.

me: It's okay. It would have been nice to see, but, hey, Endgame was still awesome. I'm happy. I have attained closure. All is well.

I do concede that these arguments are valid to some extent. There are other "nitpicky" arguments that are just as valid (such as the convenience of a wormhole that leads to Earth and why, if such a wormhole existed, Earth hadn't been handily assimilated). But look. It's TREK not the bible. It doesn't have to be perfect. Science fiction always requires some suspension of disbelief.

Even with these "flaws" Endgame tells a compelling story. A captain who, out of loyalty to her crew and a (misplaced) sense of guilt decides to violate protocol and perhaps her own sense of morality to make things right. She escapes Federation and Klingon pursuers to ultimately overcome the Borg and attain her goal. It's action-packed, Old Janeway is just as awesome as Normal Janeway and the crew finally gets home in an exiting and unpredictable fashion. Plus we get to see Janeway sacrifice herself AND survive to get the crew home.

I'd like to end my thoughts on this thread with my key point:

"Endgame was awesome!"

EDIT: "detractor" used to read "whiny voice"
Long live Tuvix!

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