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Re: why is star trek original series disliked

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After reading many fourms on tos i am confused at the negativity toward the show. As much as i like tng and for the most part ds9 tos was always my favorite. Most of the negativity revolves around it being cheesy,dated, and goofy which i can see in some episodes (the naked time and this side of paridise ) but for me this makes it even more enjoyable. Also in addition to the new remastered effects the character interaction between spock, mcoy, and kirk and more focus on exploration then tng makes it my favorite star trek show. Lastly there was lots more action then tng ever had and i feel it had the best humor which for the most part other trek series failed at. You can comment on whether you like the show and why below
Being who I am I'd reply that TOS and it's characters were so cheesy that it was pulled out of retirement in order to reboot the franchise after the disaster that was the TNG movies.

But seriously, I enjoyed the TOS for what it was. They did a damn good job with the puny budget they had and watching it again remastered with updated effects is a real treat. And I still say as a whole that most of their movies were heads and shoulders about the TNG ones with the exception of First Contact.

TNG was a show I enjoyed during its run but hasn't kept the same interest for me as the years went on. It was too preachy its first few seasons and after finally hitting its stride in seasons 3 and 4 started to play it way too safe the rest of the way. That's probably why I enjoy DS9 so much. It was the anti-TNG show.
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