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Re: Netflix Presents: Orange is the New Black

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I'm not a big fan of flashbacks. The ones in Lost were boring to me as I kept wanting them to end so we could get back to the the "real" world on the island. Lost flashbacks were one of several things that eventually caused me to bail on the show.
Boy do I agree there. That's the worst part of SG:U too. Very sparing usage of flashbacks might be okay but it seems it's become a standard story telling device. Just like on SG:U all the earth scenes via flashback or the stones take away from the claustrophobic trapped-ness of the characters on that ship the same thing happened with Lost. We're watching Lost because of the island, not endless dribble set in a world we're familiar with. So much more interesting to see characters personalities come out as they interact with the people they're stuck with, rather than being told "this happened to Joe, that's why Joe is a dick".
But the ones in Orange have all made sense and tell a coherrent story. I am most interested in seeing how Red ended up in prison and what crime she committed. Yeah, it's a comedy/drama. I think the show gets funnier as it goes along. The xmas episode was hysterical.
And I TOTALLY agree with this too. In Orange the flashbacks tell us stuff we are dying to know.. how did this woman get in here? What did she do? Was she ever okay, is she this fucked up because of..? I think that's a big difference, in SG:U and Lost they are answering questions no one asked. And it distracts from the story we did tune in to see.

I really want to know Big Boo's story. She's one of my favorites. Hopefully we see that in Season 2. We don't know everything about Red's story either. Maybe she got swept away with her husband's bad choices and maybe she snapped and did something.

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