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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

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I prefer Harry over Kes as well. Especially those nice awkward scenes we got between Seven and Harry later on hehe.
We also wouldn't have gotten "Timeless" if Kim had been dropped.

And that is my favorite episode and I had never thought of this and now I have something else to throw at the Kes lamenters (you know I still like you Lynx).

I don't even think Harry is dull, I liked Favorite Son, the Libby stuff, I thought the buddy friendship with Paris was often fun..

And you know that buddy friendship could have been a lot more fun if it had all the angst and sexual repression that Miles and Julian had but it didn't. It was awfully wholesome. In the recent relaunch books Tom and Harry have a huge falling out/ angst and repression of feelings drama that drags on forever and typical of the books is neither fun or interesting. I guess bad fanfic plots work better on the screen.
I loved the Tom/Harry buddy friendship on screen, although Miles/Julian did do it better and more gradually. They were so attached towards the end there. I haven't read Homecoming and a few of the subsequent books yet. I do everything backwards. I started with Full Circle instead because I was in a hardcore J/C phase (still am J/C, I was just more hardcore at the time).

I plan to definitely go back, download or buy all the books, and start from Homecoming and read the entire thing.
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