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At this point I think this would be a great season if only Jeremy/Aaryn/Ginamarie/Kaitlin were out of the picture.

Everybody else in the house except Judd is SO game-minded, much more than anybody else in any non-allstar season, and also likable.

Although I'm starting to root for Elissa to leave just because I don't think it's fair she gets to hand-pick a nominee every week.

Is Aaryn a horrible person in real life? I don't know. On one hand she's a sheltered 24 year old who by the looks of it has never had the opportunity to develop character. I totally believe that five or ten years down the line she could be totally turned around, and I almost chalk her racism up to stupidity, ignorance and shelteredness. Her refusal to apologize to me is an act of defensiveness. She's a bad person now but at her age I definitely see an opportunity to improve.
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