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Re: why is star trek original series disliked

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I grew up with TNG, and loved it at the time.... but now I find it virtually unwatchable. It's aged terribly. The morals are trite. The acting and direction are incredibly poor. It's frequently dull as ditchwater. TOS, on the other hand is dated and cheesy but it's fun. And it's datedness and cheese just makes it more so. It's the characters (even though I frequenty want to slap McCoy when he gets irrational, and Grabby Kirk needs a kick in the balls every once in a while), their interactions, and the adventure that I love.
I know exactly how you feel. If you had asked me a 2 years ago I would have said it was my favorite star trek show. but now after watching the series on netflix i can barley watch it for all the reasons you listed above. hopefuly the new blu ray releases will help my opinion of it. I think the original series has aged much better then tng.
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